Environmental Safeguards Documents


1 49107-006-SEMP_BK02B_Zone 10 OHR_Saharghati_Novem 2019.pdf Download
2 49107-006-SEMP_BK02B_Zone18_OHR_Harmasra _Novem 2019.pdf Download
3 49107-006-SEMP_ BK04_Zone 27 OHR_Mohana_November 2019.pdf Download
4 49107-006-SEMP_BK04_Zone 20_OHR_ Chhoto Naba_November 2019.pdf Download
5 SEMP__Pkg _Bk_02A__Zone 12_OHR & pipeline Moukuri_Nov 2019.pdf Download
6 SEMP__Pkg_BK_ 02A_Zone_18_OHR & pipeline_Tunamara_Nov 2019.pdf Download
7 SEMP_Pkg BK_02A_Zone 13_OHR & pipeline_Bholarkhap_Nov 2019.pdf Download
8 SEMP_Pkg BK_02A_Zone 20__OHR & pipeline_Golakpur_Nov 2019.pdf Download
9 SEMP_Pkg_BK_ 02A_zone 10_OHR & pipeline_Nayekhir_Nov 2019.pdf Download
10 SEMP_Pkg_BK_ 02A_Zone 14_OHR & pipeline_Dumurtor_Nov 2019.pdf Download
11 SEMP _Pack_Bk_02B_Zone 15_ OHR & pipeline_Bendalaxmanpur_Dec 2019.pdf Download
12 SEMP Pack_ BK_02B_Zone 04_OHR & Pipeline_Chandabila_Dec 2019.pdf Download
13 SEMP Pack_Bk_02B_Zone 03_OHR & pipeline_Koniyara_Dec 2019.pdf Download
14 SOP for PHED WBDWSIP work resumption post COVID-19_Final _June 2020.pdf Download
15 SEMP_pakg_BK 04_Zone 9_OHR_Kapista_Jan 2020.pdf Download
16 SEMP-pack Bk_04_Zone_02_OHR_Sagariya_Jan 2020.pdf Download
17 SEMP-Pack_Bk 04_Zone_11_OHR_Machapurulia_ Jan 2020.pdf Download
18 SEMP-Pack_Bk_04_Zone _19_OHR_Gobindadham_Dec 2019.pdf Download
19 SEMP-Pakg_Bk 04_Zone 4_OHR_Ranganathpur_Jan 2020.pdf Download
20 SEMP-Pakg_BK 04_Zone 28_OHR_Purbator _Jan 2020.pdf Download
21 SEMP_Pack_Bk_03_WTP_Intake_Total_Dec 2019.pdf Download
22 49107- 1st_updated IEE North 24 pgs package N24P 01_January 2020.pdf Download
23 49107-1st_updated IEE North 24 pgs package N24P 02B_February 2020.pdf Download
24 49107-1st_updated IEE North 24 pgs package N24P 02A_December 2019.pdf Download
25 49107-1st_Updated IEE Bankura package BK03_February_2020.pdf Download
26 49107-1st_SEMR November 2018 to April 2019_Final_September 2019.pdf Download
27 49107-2nd_SEMR May to Oct 2019_Final Part B_December 2019.pdf Download
28 49107-2nd_SEMR May to Oct 2019_Final Part A_December 2019.pdf Download
29 49107-2nd_SEMR May to Oct 2019_Final part C_December 2019.pdf Download
30 49107-2nd_SEMR May to Oct 2019_Final Part D_December 2019.pdf Download
31 49107_SEMR _ 3rd_Nov 2019 to Apr 2020_Vol 1_Main Report__September_ 2020.pdf Download
32 49107_SEMR _3rd _Nov 2019 to Apr 2020 _ Vol 2_Appendices _September_ 2020.pdf Download
33 49107-006 SEMP_N24pgs_02A_Zone 17_OHR & pipeline_Salipur_July 2019.pdf Download
34 49107-006-SEMP_N 24pgs_02A_Zone 14_pipeline_Khalisadi_Aug 2019.pdf Download
35 49107-006-SEMP_N 24pgs_Zone 18_OHR & pipeline_Gopalpur_Septem 2019.pdf Download
36 49107-006-SEMP_N 24pgs_Zone 21_pipeline_Haroa_Septem 2019.pdf Download
37 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgd_02A_Zone 5_pipeline_Tegharia_July 2019.pdf Download
38 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02A_Zone 1_OHR & pipeline _Amta_ August 2019.pdf Download
39 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02A_Zone 4_pipeline_Laugachi_ Septem_2019.pdf Download
40 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02A_Zone 6_pipeline_Puratan Kamarganti_Septem 2019.pdf Download
41 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02A_Zone 12_OHR & pipeline_Parchandpur_July 2019.pdf Download
42 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_Zone 13_pipeline_Chauhata_June 2019.pdf Download
43 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_Zone 15_OHR & pipeline_Jhinkia_ July 2019.pdf Download
44 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_Zone 16_pipeline_Haripur_ Novem 2019.pdf Download
45 SEMP_ pack EM 02_Zone _7_OHR_Jambari_Nandi I_March 2020.pdf Download
46 SEMP_pack EM 02_Zone _13_OHR_Parbatipur_Nandi I_March 2020.pdf Download
47 SEMP_pack EM 02_Zone 1_OHR__Gangra_Nandi I_March 2020.pdf Download
48 SEMP_pack EM 02_Zone 5_OHR_Samsabad_Nandi I March 2020.pdf Download
49 SEMP_pack EM 02_Zone 7_OHR_Kanakpur_Nandi II_March 2020.pdf Download
50 SEMP_pack EM 02_Zone 18_OHR_Nandigram CT_Nandi I_March 2020.pdf Download
51 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone_3_OHR_Birulia_Nandi II_March 2020.pdf Download
52 SEMP_pack EM 02_Zone_6_OHR_Gokulnagar_Nandi I_March 2020.pdf Download
53 SEMP_pack EM 02_Zone_9_OHR_Marisdanga_Nandi I_March 2020.pdf Download
54 SEMP_pack EM 02_Zone_10_-OHR_ Durgapur_ Nandi I_March_2020.pdf Download
55 SEMP_pack EM 02_Zone_20_OHR_Banashree_Gouri_Nandi I_March 2020.pdf Download
56 SEMP-pack EM 02_Zone 19_OHR_Haripur_Nandi I_March 2020.pdf Download
57 49107-006 SEMP_N24pgs_02B_Zone 10_OHR & pipeline_Shanpukuria_June 2019.pdf Download
58 49107-006-SEMP_N 24pgs_02B_Zone 16_pipeline_Jawapur_October 2019.pdf Download
59 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02B_Zone 1_pipeline_Dharmatala pachuria_ January 2020.pdf Download
60 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02B_Zone 4 OHR & pipeline_Sastyangachhi_ May 2019.pdf Download
61 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02B_Zone 9_pipeline_Nanglapalpur_September 2019.pdf Download
62 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02B_Zone 13_OHR & pipeline_Baniara_May 2019.pdf Download
63 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02B_Zone 14_pipeline_Pitha pukuria_Novem 2019.pdf Download
64 49107-006-SEMP_N24pgs_02B_Zone12_OHR & pipeline_Bankachua_July 2019.pdf Download
65 49107-006-SEMP_Pack N 24Pgs_ 01_Aug 2019.pdf Download
66 SEMP_Pack N 24P 02B_Zone_-_11_Pipeline _Dheyati_Jan 2020.pdf Download
67 SEMP_Pack N24P 02B_ Zone 7_Pipeline_Jaynagar_Dec 2019.pdf Download
68 SEMP_Pack N24P 02B_ Zone 15 - Pipeline_Kachua_Nov 2019.pdf Download
69 SEMP _Pack N 24P 02A_ Zone 10 _Pipeline _Baganati_Jan 2020.pdf Download
70 SEMP_Pack N 24P 02A_Zone 2_OHR & pipeline_Nebutala Abad_Feb 2020.pdf Download
71 SEMP_Pack N 24P 02A_Zone 14 _OHR_Khalisadi_Jan 2020.pdf Download
72 SEMP_Pack N 24P 02A_Zone_19-Pipeline_Khadha Chandpur_Dec 2019.pdf Download
73 SEMP_Pack N24P 02A_ Zone 3_Pipeline_Adampur_Dec 2019.pdf Download
74 SEMP_pack N 24pgs 02B_Zone 6_pipeline_Shyamnagar_Sept 2020.pdf Download
75 SEMP_pack N 24pgs_02B_ Zone 3 Pipeline_Paikan_Feb 2020.pdf Download
76 SEMP_pack N 24pgs_02B_Zone 17_pipeline_ Bhogali_August_ 2020.pdf Download
77 SEMP_pack N24pgs_02B_ Zone 15 OHR_Kachua_Jan 2020.pdf Download
78 SEMP _Pack_N24pgs 02A_Zone 20_pipeline_Ranigachhi_June 2020.pdf Download
79 SEMP_Pack N24pgs 02A_ Zone 8_OHR_Bantosha_Mar 2020.pdf Download
80 SEMP_Pack _ N24pgs 02A_ Zone 8_ Pipeline_ Bantosha_Mar 2020.pdf Download
81 SEMP_Pack N24pgs 02A_ Zone 16_ OHR_ Haripur_August 2020.pdf Download
82 SEMP_Pack N24pgs 02A_Zone 6_OHR_Puratan Kumarganti_Sept 2020.pdf Download
83 SEMP_Pack_ N24pgs 02A_Zone 13 _OHR_Chauhata_June 2020.pdf Download
84 SEMP_Pack_ N24pgs 02A_Zone 21_ OHR_Haroa Feb 2020_F.pdf Download
85 SEMP_Pack_N 24pgs_Pack_02A_Zone 3_OHR_Adampur_June 2020_F.pdf Download
86 SEMP _pack EM02_Zone 10_Nandi I_Durgapur_pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
87 SEMP_ Pack EM 02_Zone 11_ Nandi I_Dinobandhupur_OHR_Sept 2020.pdf Download
88 SEMP_Pack EM 02_ Zone 9_Nandi II_Gopalchak_pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
89 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone _6_Nandi II_Monoharpur_Pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
90 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 8_Nandi I_Naynan_OHR_Sept 2020.pdf Download
91 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 8_Nandi II_Narasinghapur Jalpai_OHR_Sept 2020.pdf Download
92 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 12_Nandi I_Manuchak Jalpai_OHR_Sept 2020.pdf Download
93 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 13_Nandi I_ Parbatipur_Pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
94 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 1_Nandi II_Kamalpur_pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
95 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 2_Nandi II_Amdabad_pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
96 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 3_Nandi II_Birulia_pipeline_July 2020.pdf Download
97 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 4_Nandi II_Hanu Bhunya_pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
98 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 5_Nandi II_Bheturia_pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
99 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 7_Nandi II_Kanakpur_pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
100 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 8_ Nandi II_Narasinghapur Jalpai_pipeline_Sept 2020.pdf Download
101 SEMP_pack N 24pgs_ 02B_ Zone 8 Pipeline_Uttarkashipur_Feb 2020.pdf Download
102 SEMP _Pkg_BK 02A_Zone 8_OHR & pipeline_ Chakaltor_Aug 2020.pdf Download
103 SEMP_Pkg _BK 02A_Zone 11_ OHR & Pipeline_Siromonipur_Aug 2020.pdf Download
104 SEMP_Pkg BK 02A_ Zone _9_OHR & pipeline_Kantakuli_Aug 2020.pdf Download
105 SEMP_Pkg BK 02A_ Zone 16_BELASULI SHYAMSUNDARPUR_CWRM_Feb 2020.pdf Download
106 SEMP_Pkg BK 02A_Zone 1_ OHR & pipeline_Uttarkendabona_March 2020.pdf Download
107 SEMP_Pkg BK_02A_Zone 3_OHR & pipeline_Surulia_March 2020.pdf Download
108 SEMP_Pkg_ BK 02A_Zone _2_OHR & pipeline_Hatgram_Aug 2020.pdf Download
109 SEMP_Pkg_ BK 02A_Zone _6_OHR & Pipeline_Chaukighata_Aug 2020.pdf Download
110 SEMP_Pkg_ BK 02A_Zone 5_OHR & pipeline_Gottarya_Aug 2020.pdf Download
111 SEMP_ Pkg BK 02B_Zone _10_pipeline_Saharghati_ April 2020.pdf Download
112 SEMP_ Pkg BK 02B_Zone 01_OHR & pipeline_Amdangra_Feb 2020.pdf Download
113 SEMP_Pkg BK 02B_Zone 11_ OHR & pipeline_Manikmara_March 2020.pdf Download
114 SEMP_Pkg BK 02B_Zone 18_Pipeline_Harmasra_April 2020.pdf Download
115 SEMP_Pkg BK 02B_Zone 20_OHR & pipeline_Manipur_April 2020.pdf Download
116 2nd Updated IEE_N 24 pgs_pack_ 02B_October_2020.pdf Download
117 2nd Updated IEE N 24 pgs_pack_02A _September_2020.pdf Download
118 1st Updated IEE East Medinipur Pack EM 02_July_2020.pdf Download
119 1st Updated IEE_East Medinipur Pack EM01_November 2020.pdf Download
120 1st Updated IEE _Bankura_pack BK_01_November_2020.pdf Download
121 1st Updated IEE_Bankura_Pkg Bk_ 02A_March_2020.pdf Download
122 1st Updated IEE_Pkg Bankura Bk 02B_June 2020.pdf Download
123 1st Updated IEE_Bankura_Pkg Bk_04_March 2020.pdf Download
124 SEMP_Pkg BK_02B_ Zone 7_OHR & pipeline_Saltora_Aug 2020.pdf Download
125 SEMP_Pkg BK_02B_Zone _13_OHR & pipeline_ Fulmati_Aug 2020.pdf Download
126 SEMP_Pkg BK_02B_Zone 9_ OHR & pipeline_ Dobajora_Aug 2020.pdf Download
127 SEMP_Pkg Bk_02B_Zone 23_OHR & pipeline_ Bhutmaheshpur_Aug 2020.pdf Download
128 SEMP _Pkg_BK 04_Zone 13_OHR & pipeline_Bankdaha_Aug 2020.pdf Download
129 SEMP _Pkg_BK_04_Zone 32- OHR & pipeline_ Pairasol_Aug 2020.pdf Download
130 SEMP_Pkg BK 04_ Zone _19_Pipeline_Gobindadham_May 2020.pdf Download
131 SEMP_Pkg BK 04_ Zone _20_pipeline_Chotonabagram_Feb 2020.pdf Download
132 SEMP_PKg BK 04_Zone _ 31_OHR & pipeline_ Benabad_Aug 2020.pdf Download
133 SEMP_Pkg BK 04_Zone 15_OHR & pipeline_Lachhmanpur_Mar 2020.pdf Download
134 SEMP_Pkg_ BK 04_ Zone 6_OHR & pipeline_Arbat_Aug 2020.pdf Download
135 SEMP_Pkg_BK 04_Zone 3_ OHR & pipeline_Garjuria_Aug 2020.pdf Download
136 SEMP_Pkg_BK 04_Zone 12_OHR & pipeline_Sarangapur_Aug 2020.pdf Download
137 SEMP_Pkg_BK 04_Zone 17_OHR & pipeline_ Ramkanali_Aug 2020.pdf Download
138 SEMP_Pkg_BK 04_Zone 22_ OHR & pipeline_Barasal_Aug 2020.pdf Download
139 SEMP_Pkg BK 04_Zone _5_OHR & pipeline_Lakhyara_Mar 2020.pdf Download
140 SEMP_Pkg BK 04_Zone 7_OHR & pipeline_Pirrabani_Mar 2020.pdf Download
141 SEMP_pack EM02_Zone 07_Nandi I_Jambari_pipeline_Oct 2020.pdf Download
142 SEMP_Pkg _02A_Zone 04_OHR & Pipeline_Brahmandiha_July 2020.pdf Download
143 SEMP_Pkg_02A_Zone 19 _OHR & Pipeline_Saluka_July 2020.pdf Download
144 SEMP_Pkg_02A_Zone 15_Pipeline_ Goaldanga_July 2020.pdf Download
145 SEMP_Pkg_02A_Zone 16_OHR & Pipeline_Gunnath_July 2020.pdf Download
146 SEMP_Pkg_02A_Zone 17_OHR & Pipeline_ Jugibad_July 2020.pdf Download
147 SEMP_Pkg_02A_Zone 07_OHR_GLSR & pipeline_Raghunathpur_July 2020.pdf Download
148 SEMR_WBDWSIP_May to Oct 2020.zip Download
149 SEMP_Updated_Pack_ BK 03_WTP_Intake_Pipeline_Total_March 2021.pdf Download
150 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone 02_OHR & Pipeline_ Rajpur_December 2020.pdf Download
151 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone 05_OHR & Pipeline_ Moulberia_December 2020.pdf Download
152 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone 06_OHR & Pipeline_ Douni_December 2020.doc Download
153 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone 08_OHR & Pipeline_ Panchmura_December 2020.pdf Download
154 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone 21_OHR & Pipeline_ Pedda_December 2020.pdf Download
155 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone_17_OHR & Pipeline_Khichka_December 2020.pdf Download
156 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone_19_OHR & Pipeline_ Shusuniya_December 2020.pdf Download
157 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone12_OHR & Pipeline_Asnasundarpu_December 2020.pdf Download
158 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone14_OHR & Pipeline_ Chenchuriya_December 2020.pdf Download
159 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone16_OHR & Pipeline_ Belasuli_December 2020.pdf Download
160 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone22_OHR & Pipeline_ Bibarda_December 2020.pdf Download
161 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_02B_Zone24_OHR & Pipeline_ Dhengasimul_December 2020.pdf Download
162 2nd Updated IEE_Bankura_Pkg Bk_ 02A_January _2021.pdf Download
163 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 08_OHR & pipeline_Kallapur_January 2021.pdf Download
164 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 01_OHR & pipeline_ Rajamela_January 2021.pdf Download
165 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 14_OHR & pipeline_ Subiara_January 2021.pdf Download
166 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 29_OHR & pipeline_ Mochrakend_January 2021.pdf Download
167 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 30_OHR & pipeline_ Ranipur_January 2021.pdf Download
168 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 04_Pipeline_Ranganathpur_August 2020.pdf Download
169 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 02_Pipeline_Sagariya_August 2020.pdf Download
170 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 09_Pipeline_Kapistha_August 2020.pdf Download
171 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 11_Pipeline_Machaparulia_August 2020.pdf Download
172 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 25_Pipeline_ Kesiyara_August 2020.pdf Download
173 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 27_Pipeline_ Mohona_August 2020.pdf Download
174 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 28_Pipeline_Purbator_August 2020.pdf Download
175 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 33_Pipeline_ Bharrah_August 2020.pdf Download
176 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 34_Pipeline_Jemua_August 2020.pdf Download
177 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 16_OHR & pipeline_ Banasuriya_January 2021.pdf Download
178 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 21_OHR & pipeline_ Basudebpur_January 2021.pdf Download
179 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 23_OHR & pipeline_ Benagari_January 2021.pdf Download
180 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 10_OHR & pipeline_ Gangajalghati_January 2021.pdf Download
181 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 26_OHR & pipeline_ Mejhia_January 2021.pdf Download
182 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone 18_OHR & pipeline_Deuli_January 2021.pdf Download
183 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 06_pipeline_Gokulnagar_Nandi I_Nov 2020.pdf Download
184 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 03_ pipeline_Kalicharanpur_Nandi I_Dec 2020.pdf Download
185 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 02_OHR_Gar Chakraberia_Nandi I_January 2021.pdf Download
186 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 06_OHR_Manoharpur_Nandi II_December 2020.pdf Download
187 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 09_OHR_ Gopalchak_Nandi II_ December 2020.pdf Download
188 2nd Updated IEE_Pkg Bankura Bk 02B_March_2021.pdf Download
189 SEMP_Pack EM 02_ Zone 16_OHR_Bhasurkata_Nandi I_January 2021.pdf Download
190 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 03_OHR_Kalicharanpur_Nandi I_January 2021.pdf Download
191 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 04_OHR_Hanu bhunya_Nandi II_January 2021.pdf Download
192 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 05_OHR_Bheturia_Nandi II_January 2021.pdf Download
193 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 01_pipeline_Gangra_Nandi I_December 2020.pdf Download
194 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 02_pipeline GarChakraberia_Nandi I_Dec 2020.pdf Download
195 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 04_pipeline_Chakchilinga_Nandi I_Dec 2020.pdf Download
196 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 05_pipeline_Samsabad_Nandi I_January 2021.pdf Download
197 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 08_pipeline_Naynan_Nandi I_December 2020.pdf Download
198 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 09_pipeline_Marisdanga_Nandi I_Dec 2020.pdf Download
199 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 11_pipeline_Dinabandhupur_Nandi I_Jan 2021.pdf Download
200 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 14_pipeline_Purushottompur_Nandi I_Jan 2021.pdf Download
201 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone17_pipeline_Tajpur_Nandi I_January 2021.pdf Download
202 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 15_OHR_Kendamari Jalpai- Nandi I_Apr 2021.pdf Download
203 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Zone 12_pipeline_ Manuchak Jalpai_Nandi I_Apr 2021.pdf Download
204 SEMP_ N 24 pgs_pkg 01 Booster pumping stn_Mar 2021.pdf Download
205 SEMP_ N 24 pgs_pkg 01 Trans pipeline_WTP to BS1_Mar 2021.pdf Download
206 SEMP_ N 24 pgs_pkg 01 updated WTP & Grit blasting_Mar 2021.pdf Download
207 SEMP_Pack EM 02 _Zone 20_pipeline_Banasri Gauri _Nandi I_Apr 2021.pdf Download
208 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 15_ pipeline_Kendamari Jalpai_Nandi I_Apr 2021.pdf Download
209 SEMP_Pack EM02_Zone 19_pipeline_Haripur_Nandi I_Apr 2021.pdf Download
210 SEMP_Pak N 24pgs 02A_Zone 20_ OHR_Ranigachhi_Apr 2021.pdf Download
211 SEMP_Pack N 24 Pgs 02A_Zone 10_ OHR_ Baganati_Dec 2020.pdf Download
212 SEMP_Pack N 24 pgs_Zone 19 _ OHR_Khardah Chandpur_Dec 2020.pdf Download
213 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_02B_Zone 17_OHR_Bhogali_Dec 2020.pdf Download
214 Final Updated IEE _Bankura_Pack Bk 03 _May 2021.pdf Download
215 SEMP_Pkg_Bk_04_Zone_24_Pipeline_Charadihi_June 2021.pdf Download
216 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs 02B_ZONE 07 _OHR_Jaynagar_Dec 2020.pdf Download
217 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs 02B_Zone 16_OHR_Jawapur_Dec 2020.pdf Download
218 SEMP_Pack_N24pgs_02B_Zone 02_ Pipeline_Benota_Dec 2020.pdf Download
219 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_02B_Zone 18_Pipeline_Hatgachha_Feb 2021.pdf Download
220 SEMR_Environment Sample Testing Report Nov 2020 to April 2021_ E Medinipur_July 2021.pdf Download
221 SEMR_Environment Sample Testing Report Nov 2020 to April 2021_Bankura_July 2021.pdf Download
222 SEMR_Environment Sample Testing Report Nov 2020 to April 2021_N 24 pgs_July 2021.pdf Download
223 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_02A_ Zone 7_ Pipeline_Kamarganti_July 2021.pdf Download
224 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_02A_Zone 9_Pipeline_Kalinagar_July 2021.pdf Download
225 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_02A_ Zone 11_Pipeline_Akandaberia_July 2021.pdf Download
226 49107-006_2nd updated IEE Bankura_pack Bk 04_July 2021.pdf Download
227 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_02B_Zone 18_OHR_Jothbhim May 2021.pdf Download
228 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_02A_Zone 7_OHR_Kamargani_July 2021.pdf Download
229 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_02A_Zone 9_OHR_Kalinagar_July 2021.pdf Download
230 Updated SEMP Bankura Pkg BK 01_September 2021.pdf Download
231 SEMR_WBDWSIP_Nov 2020 to Apr_2021_Doc_September 2021.pdf Download
232 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Garchakraberia GLSR_Nandi I_ October 2021.pdf Download
233 SEMP_Pack EM 02_Manoharpur GLSR_Nandi II_October 2021.pdf Download
234 SEMP Pack_N24pgs 02B_Zone 06_OHR_Shyamnagar_September 2021.pdf Download
235 SEMP_Pack N 24 pgs_02B_Zone 01_OHR_Jothbhim September 2021.pdf Download
236 2nd Updated IEE package N 24 pgs 01 September 2021.pdf Download
237 SEMR_Environment S Testing Report May to October 2021_N 24 pgs_Dec 2021.pdf Download
238 SEMR_Environment S Testing Report May to October 2021_Purba Medinipur_Dec 2021.pdf Download
239 SEMR_Environment S Testing Report May to October 2021_Bankura_Dec 2021.pdf Download
240 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_01_GLSR_Haroa_December 2021.pdf Download
241 SEMP_Pack N24pgs_02A_Zone 4_OHR_Laugachhi_December_2021.pdf Download
242 SEMP_Pack N 24pgs_02B_Zone 2_OHR_Benota_December_2021.pdf Download
243 SEMR_Environment S Testing Report Nov 2021 to Apr 2022_N 24 pgs_June_2022.pdf Download
244 SEMR_Environment S Testing Report Nov 2021 to Apr 2022, Bankura_June 2022.pdf Download
245 SEMR_Environment S Testing Report Nov 2021 to Apr 2022_Purba Medinipur_June 2022.pdf Download
246 49107-006-iee-en_42_2nd updated IEE Bankura_ Bk 01 Apr 2022.pdf Download
247 SEMR _WBDWSIP_May to October 2021.zip Download
248 49107-006-iee-en_39_3rd updated IEE_pack N24pgs 02B_Oct 2021.pdf Download
249 2nd Updated IEE E Medinipur pack EM 02_ Aug 2021.zip Download
250 SEMP_Pack N 24 pgs_02A_Zone 5_OHR_Teghoria_June_2022.pdf Download